About Us

HIMEL BROS. LEATHER Many years of bespoke and production leather manufacturing knowledge. We are committed to recreate the processes, techniques and styles of the modern industrial age, to make perfect garments that can be worn through generations. Every design, part and detail has a purpose-built essence that will bring the past into today. Our jackets are a perfect melding of people, leather and craftsmanship, made with respect and time.

This is a time when jackets were transformed from homemade, cloth jackets, outdoors jackets and military jackets to new purpose built sporting jackets.

Everybody should own at least "one good thing" in their wardrobe.

Paralleling the need for new garment for the rapidly expanding industrial economy, garments for the car and motorcycle, flyers, miners, railroad workers and uniforms were essential.

These jackets ere simple primitive designs based on earlier cloth jacket designs to adapt for the new adventures of humans and machines. Flying, driving and motorcycling provided new opportunities for speed and required new industrial age designs. In 1927 three brothers arrived in North America after perilous adventures travelling from Piotrokow Kujawski Poland. Each one founded their families and clothing business in Toronto, Canada. That tradition and spirit is carried with Himel Brothers Leather.

Himel Brothers Vintage Leather