Ordering & Payments

We believe every customer is an advocate for Himel Bros so bring your friends to us to get their "one good thing"!

Ordering is simple and can be arranged through email. Once we have the details correct, we will send you an invoice for the down payment of at least 50% of the cost of the jacket through paypal, checks or International Postal Money Orders (currently we do not accept credit cards). When we receive payment we will send out the order and start making your jacket! Production time will vary with our volume of orders and availability of leathers and other parts we will of course inform you in advance. There are no returns on custom jackets unless there is an agreed upon defect by Himel Bros.

Our prices are introductory and will vary depending on the options you choose for your jacket. Vintage parts are limited and the price for these parts reflects the scarcity of those items. Some of our jackets will be available outright for purchase right off this website.



Himel Brothers Vintage Leather